In order to participate this year, we must receive all paperwork by Friday, June 10. We ask that you complete the below form no later than this date so that we can give our members ample time to participate. This will also give us enough time to list all of the paint outs in the newsletter.

We will have your state listed as a site, so a member can find all the details that you will provide on the below electronic form. If you live in a large state, we may allow another paint out location.


We will post your name, e-mail, and phone number for members to reach you directly. Please try and respond back to messages within 24 hours.

The idea is to offer OPA members an opportunity to network and socialize with other members in their area. We hope that this will turn out to be a great event that members will look forward to year after year. We have set up some guidelines in order to make this event fairly consistent across the country. Please read the instructions over carefully, and let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns.

All Paint Out events will be advertised on the OPA website and through electronic communication to our members as well as in the newsletter.

Hosts and Hostesses wishing to advertise their event by email may copy and paste the following link into their email communications


Most of you probably have some places in mind that would be great for this event. Keep in mind that safety needs to be our number one priority and so we ask that you select a location that will be easily accessible to all of our members - young and old. You need to know whether there is parking close by, restrooms, etc.


While we know that this will be a great experience for everyone, we do ask that as the coordinator of the event you take some precautionary measures as well.

Be sure to enlist a friend or two to come along with you. Be sure to bring a cell phone and be familiar with the area, as well as the nearest medical facilities.

Do not offer to give rides to the event to anyone you do not know. Do not give out your home address.


If you have a digital camera, or one of the members coming has one, please ask them to bring it along to take pictures. We are going to post some of the pictures on the OPA website, and would like for your group to be included; email them to *Important - the file name on emailed photos should have the name of the member artists in the photo.

If you need to take pictures on a regular camera, that’s okay too. You can send us the pictures once they are developed. We will reimburse you for the film (up to $10).

Keep in mind, this is supposed to be fun, be sure everyone is introduced and feels welcome. People are coming because they want to be a part of OPA... let’s be sure everyone walks away feeling like they’ve had an enjoyable day and have met some new friends.