OPA Paintout Details

Host Name Karen Bakke
Date September 22, 2017
Time 3 PM Friday - 12 PM Sunday
Rain Date September 23, 2017
Location Mountaineers Mount Baker Lodge
Address Mt Baker Highway
City Deming
State WA
Country USA
Phone 360-421-3178
Email thebakkegallery@gmail.com
Description From the huge picture windows of the lodge, you are staring directly at Mt. Shuksan and a short hike or drive farther, there are the most amazing views of Mt. Baker and the Cascade Mountains. Mt. Shuksan, with Picture Lake in the foreground, is arguably the most photographed mountain in the world.


Instructions Oil Painters of America is joining the Plein Air Washington Artists at their annual Mt. Baker paint-out September 22-24, staying atop Mt. Baker (east of Bellingham,WA) in the Mountaineers lodge. This event is at the top of the mountain, near the ski area. While we HIGHLY recommend that you stay in the Mountaineers Baker Lodge so that you may take full advantage of the location, painting the golden hours, safety (not driving the long mountain road in the dark or while tired), and the camaraderie - you may come up for the day and enjoy this as a FREE paint-out. The place sleeps 62 (bunks) and we usually have 15 people. We join up with the Alpine Club of Canada (Vancouver chapter), who also bring about 10-15. You need to sign up at least a month ahead to secure a bunk. This can be done as a guest through the Mountaineers website. The lodge is rustic, but clean and warm. The people are wonderful. You will be asked to help with a chore and given guidelines by the Mountaineers when you arrive. https://www.mountaineers.org/about/locations-reservations/baker-lodge The cost is $98, for Friday afternoon through Sunday noon. Plein Air Washington will post more details on our website and on Eventbrite.

Meeting Time & Place & Meals: Day 1: Friday, Sept 22 Check in with Karen when you arrive to gather information such as meal schedules, etc. We will discuss the best paint locations and availabilities at a convenient time when we are all together. Bring your own snacks, and/or dinner for Friday night.

Day 2: Saturday, Sept 23 Breakfast and dinner will be provided by the Mountaineer hosts. Bring your own snacks, and/or lunch. We will meet to review our days work after dinner.

Day 3: Sunday, Sept 24 Breakfast served by the Mountaineer hosts. Your bags need to be packed by noon, but there is no hurry to leave the area!

Painting sites: We will discuss the best paint locations and availabilities at a convenient time when we are all together. You can also grab a map at the visitor center. The Heather Meadows Visitor Center (farther up the road, just before Artist Point at the top) may or may not be open. They are usually open until end of September, weather permitting. 10am-4pm. Books, maps, souvenirs. Building built by CCC in 1940 as a ski warming hut. Trails and views are abundant throughout area!! :)

For a list of hikes and trail conditions visit the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest webpage. Current trail conditions are also posted outside the front door to the Glacier Public Forest Service Center. The center is open 8 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. mid-June through September. 10091 Mt. Baker Hwy., Glacier, WA. (360)599-2714.

Directions: Take I-5 to Bellingham. Take Exit 255, the Mt. Baker Highway. Drive East on SR-542 approximately 54 miles to the ski area. At the junction in front of The Firs Chalet, turn right onto the one-way loop road. The parking lot for the Lodge is on the right side of the road about a third of a mile beyond The Firs Chalet. Driving time is approximately 1½ hours from Bellingham and 3 hours from Seattle. The last gas station is on SR 542 in Maple Falls. Bring appropriate hiking clothing and rain gear. This is an hour1/2 from civilization, don't forget any of your paint supplies!