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Gold Medal Awardees

Previously “American National Award”
1992 Rosemary Sharp Contemplation
1993 Romel De La Torre OPA Doris
1994 Louis Escobedo Song
1995 Mian Situ OPAM Mountain Girl
1996 Robert Kuester OPA Still Life with Homemade Fruit
1997 Shu Qiao Zhou OPA Going to Visit Grandparents
1998 Zhiwei Tu OPAM Birds Singing
1999 Jove Wang Early Chinese Miner
2000 Nancy Seamons Crookston OPAM Thread of Gold
2001 W. Jason Situ OPA Clouds Over the Hill
2002 Jan Peng Wang OPA Dream of Butterfly
2003 Nancy Howe OPA Small Wonder
2004 John Michael Carter OPA Yellow Canary
2005 Tony Pro Mother’s Love
2006 Robert Coombs Almost Sundown
2007 Johanna Harmon OPA Vintage Dreams
2008 Howard Friedland OPA Morning In Giverney
2009 David Riedel Wooden Bowl
2010 Mary Qian Model on Break
2011 Dan Beck OPA A Warm Breeze
2012 Xiao S. Jiang Tide
2013 Johanna Harmon OPA Jonathan
2014 Louis Escobedo Light Source
2015 Jonathan Stasko Pure Religion is This
2016 Derek W. Penix Spade Fish
2017 Jeanya Charles The Little Sister
2018 Casey Childs Take These Broken Wings
2019 Susan Lyon Gems
2020 Bryce C Liston OPA Farewell Jupiter
2021 Kyle Ma OPA Zion Bighorn Sheep

Please note that the award recipients are listed with their current membership designation. Master Signature members are not eligible to receive this award.