2012 Eastern Regional Exhibition


The following paintings have been submitted into the show from various Master Signature Members. To learn about becoming an OPA Master Signature member, click here.

“Awaken the Forest” by Kenn Backhaus
Kenn Backhaus
Awaken the Forest
24" x 30"
“A Day’s Work on the Xi River, China” by William T. Chambers
William T. Chambers
A Day’s Work on the Xi River, China
20” x 24”
“Firefly” by Nancy Seamons Crookston
Nancy Seamons Crookston
24" x 18"
“Cooling Off” by David Hettinger
David Hettinger
Cooling Off
18” x 24”
“Morning On Cut Bank Creek” by Steven Lang
Steven Lang
Morning On Cut Bank Creek
14" x 11"
“A Warm Day” by Ruo Li
Ruo Li
A Warm Day
20" x 46"
“Back to the Fields” by Kevin Macpherson
Kevin Macpherson
Back to the Fields
24" x 16"
“September Morning” by Michael Mao
Michael Mao
September Morning
12" x 9"
“Vermont Woods” by Charles Movalli
Charles Movalli
Vermont Woods
24" x 36"
“Shrimp Boat, Early Morning, San Carlos Island” by C. W. Mundy
C. W. Mundy
Shrimp Boat, Early Morning, San Carlos Island
16" x 24"
“Girl Dressing Old” by Zhiwei Tu
Zhiwei Tu
Girl Dressing Old
24" x 20"