Juror of Awards

We are pleased to announce and welcome Quang Ho OPAM as our 2012 National Exhibition juror of awards. He is highly renowned and accomplished.

Quang Ho OPAM

“Kitchen Atmosphere 3” by Quang Ho OPAM
Quang Ho was born on April 30, 1963, in Hue, Vietnam. He Immigrated to the United States in 1975 and is now a U.S. Citizen. His artistic interest began at the early age of three and continued through grade school, high school, art school and led him to a very exciting and successful painting profession. In 1980, at the age of 16, Quang held his first one-man-show at Tomorrows Masters Gallery in Denver Colorado. The exhibit was a smashing success for the high school sophomore. In 1982, Quang's mother was killed in a tragic auto accident, leaving him the responsibility of raising four younger brothers and a six year old sister. That same year, Quang attended the Colorado Institute of Art on a National Scholastics Art Awards Scholarship. At CIA Quang studied painting under Rene Bruhin, whom Quang credits with developing the foundation for his artistic understanding. Ho graduated from CIA in 1985 with Best Portfolio Award for the graduating class. An art dealer, Mikkel Saks, discovered his talent and promoted him in his gallery, which led to much success. He also teaches at the Denver Art Students League. He plays golf and reads philosophy and religion extensively. He is a great admirer of Andrew Wyeth.

Ho's clients include Adolph Coors Company; Upjohn, Safeway, Colorado Symphony, Chicago Symphony... Ho's illustration works have been featured in the Illustrators Annual and exhibited at the Museum of American Illustrations; and the Communication Arts Illustrations Annual during those years. Working mostly in oils and occasionally watercolor and pastels, Ho's subject matter ranges from still-life, landscapes, interiors, and dancers, to figuratives. "Subject matter is not really important to me. I can find visual excitement all around me as well as on the canvas - from a knot on a tree, graceful limp of a flower wilting, to a juxtaposition of a few simple shapes and colors...inspirations are inexhaustible."

Distinguised Artist

Daniel Greene OPAM is the 2012 OPA National Exhibition distinguished artist. Daniel is recognized as one of the most excellent oil painters in the United States. His full bio is below.

Daniel Greene OPAM

Daniel E. Greene OPAM is a former instructor of painting at the National Academy of Design and the Art Students League of New York.  He is the author of the book “Pastel” that was in print for 25 years and “The Art of Pastel”, which were published in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese. He has taught over 10,000 students, and his books and videos have reached in excess of 100,000 artists worldwide.

In 1983, the Pastel Society of America elected him to the Pastel Hall of Fame.  In 1989, his work represented the United States at the First International Biennial of Pastel in San Quentin, France.  In 1992, he was awarded American Artist’s Magazine’s first Lifetime Achievement Award in the category of oil painting and Oil Painters of America awarded him into the Masters Division.  In 1995, the American Society of Portrait Artists presented the John Singer Sargent Award to Daniel Greene OPAM for life long dedication to the achievement of excellence in portraiture.  In 2001, he was awarded the gold medal of the American Portrait Society.  In 2003, Mr. Greene was the annual honoree of the Salmagundi Club and was presented their gold medal.

Mr. Greene’s paintings and pastels are in over 700 public and private collections in the united states and abroad.  He has been the recipient of the Elizabeth T. Greenshields foundation grant and the Anna Lee Stacey grant.  Four highly successful exhibitions of Mr. Greene’s subway series appeared at galleries in New York City and were featured on ABC-TV, News Day Dot Com, Fox News, PBS, CNN, New York 1, NBC, NHK TV Japan, the New York Times and in over 50 international magazines and newspapers.  His recent exhibition “Subway Paintings” at the New York transit museum at Grand Central terminal was the inaugural event in the centennial year of the New York subway and a compilation of his subway paintings represented New York City on the cover of the Official Guide to the Republican National Convention.

Highly regarded as a portrait artist, his subjects include leaders of government, banking, education, and industry.  A few of the early works include Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, astronaut Walter Schirra, author Ayn Rand and William Randolph Hearst.

Some governmental portraits include Governor Scott of North Carolina, Governor Laxalt of Nevada, Governor Beliles of Virginia, Governor Lehman of New York, as well as two mayors of New York City.  Some later portraits include Dave Thomas of Wendy’s, Governor Fob James of Alabama, commentator Rush Limbaugh, congressmen Billy Tauzin and Larry Combest, composer Alan Menken, Bryant Gumbel and Bob Schieffer of CBS.  Recent portraits were Governor Benjamin Cayetano of Hawaii and former Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman. A partial list of sitters includes the chairmen of the boards of Honeywell, Coca-Cola Company, Dupont Corporation, American Express, the New York Stock Exchange and IBM.  Mr. Greene OPAM has also painted the deans, presidents and benefactors of: Tufts, Duke, Vanderbilt, Columbia, North Carolina, West Point, Delaware, Penn State, New York, Princeton, Rutgers, Yale and Harvard Universities. www.danielgreeneartist.com

Featured Artists and Presenters

Susan Abma

Susan Abma

Susan has been a full-time artist since the end of 1999, painting commissioned portraits for art galleries, corporations, government officials and local celebrities. Abma studied under master Chinese artist Xin Yu Zheng and has enjoyed workshops by talented artists such as Doug Swinton, Bev Tosh, and William Rodgers, among others.

Receiving her inspiration from the outdoors, Susan spends her summers painting en plein air in Newfoundland. Her winter studio near her home in Alberta, overlooks pastures and grain fields - a great place for contemplation.

Susan founded and publishes Canadian Brushstroke Magazine, an online magazine geared towards Canadian artists. Through it, she is able to interview amazing artists from all over Canada. Currently Susan, along with two other artists, is working to on a project honoring fallen Canadian soldiers from the Afghanistan war that will be featured in a national exhibition during the latter part of 2012.

Presenting solo exhibitions as well as jurying among others in group, Susan is a member of OPA, as well as the International Guild of Realism, the Portrait Society of Canada and the Alberta Oil Painters. Her work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, television and radio, and her articles have been published in numerous newsletters and magazines. www.susanabma.com

Jerry Goroski

Jerry Goroski

Jerry Goroski received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, in 1972, with a Major in Fine Arts, and Minors in Art History and Art Education. Goroski was prolific in print making, specializing in stone lithography (completing course work beyond University programs) and is currently active in the marketing of original fine art.

Moving to Great Falls, Montana, after graduation Jerry was employed by a local food retailer for six years as a commercial artist in their general offices. He was then offered a position at the Charles M. Russell Museum as the Museum Administrator and Curator (1979 -1987). Duties included being Assistant Director; collection manager and curator of the museum‘s permanent and loan collections; museum publications, writing and publishing exhibition catalogs; along with traveling exhibition management.

After leaving the Museum, Jerry continuing in the art market field with the Great Falls Advertising Club. During that time he was involved with the Charles M. Russell Auction of Original Western Art and served as the Auction Chairman (2001) and the Art Coordinator for over five years, working with artists and art dealers from throughout the country. Goroski has more than 20 years of art auction experience.

For the last five years, he has owned an in-house art gallery and in 2007 hosted “Gateway to the West” art auction show in Bozeman, Montana, featuring 175 works of deceased and living artists from across the United States. Goroski also opened a fine art gallery in downtown Great Falls, Montana.

Johanna Harmon

Johanna Harmon

Johanna Harmon captures a person’s unique beauty in her light-filled paintings of the human spirit. “Art has always been my companion,” says Johanna. “It was my bliss as a child, and it continues to be my passion. If I’m not passionate about a subject, I won’t paint it.”

Harmon’s passion is apparent in her powerful figurative paintings, a subject that has been her focus since she began drawing at age 7. In her teens, she took advanced drawing classes, and in her mid twenties, she discovered the Scottsdale Artists’ School in Arizona where she studied with many of the top contemporary and impressionistic figure painters. “I’ve always tried to capture a likeness, and I’ve worked hard on accurate drawing. But just as important is making a painting that is sensitive and filled with emotion.” To express this emotion she pays close attention to the values, lost-and-found edges and bravura brushwork that make the painting surface as intriguing as the subject. The marriage of artist and subject is critical to Harmon. “Painting is a path of self-discovery,” she says. “To paint is to know who I am, one brushstroke at a time. Although I paint very methodically, at some point the painting takes over and intuition rules.”

Ultimately, Harmon wants to capture a person’s spirit. “I’m a sensitive person, and try to nurture others,” she says. “I value their emotions and hold them close. I look for something unique – the beauty or character that you cannot invent and which reflects the inner soul.”

Johanna Harmon studied fine art painting at Scottsdale Artists’ School, the Fechin Art Institute, and the Art Students League of Denver. Over the years she has received awards and recognition from the Portrait Society of America, Art Renewal Center, The Artist’s Magazine; and numerous awards from Oil Painters of America, including Best of Show from the 2007 National Juried Exhibition. Her work has been published in Southwest Art, Artbook of the New West, and Focus Santa Fe. Her Solo and Group Exhibitions are held at McLarry Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM, Newbury Fine Arts, Boston, MA, and Waterhouse Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA , and in Juried Exhibitions all over the country. www.johannaharmon.com

Konrad Hack

Konrad Hack OPA

Having spent the majority of his life involved wit the military, artist and long-time Board member Konrad Hack OPA will discuss his unique experience as a military artist serving in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam in the late 60's.

Today, Konrad is still very active in the military and will take you through his adventures with the Air Force Art Program over the past thirty-three years. His paintings are well known in military circles and can be seen in the U.S. Army Center for Military History, the 9th Infantry Division Museum, National Vietnam Veteran's Art Museum, National Museum of Naval Aviation, NASA Art Collection, and the Air Force Art Collection in the Pentagon.

Ed Kucera

Ed Kucera

DAVID EDWARD KUCERA was born in San Jose, California. He first displayed his artistic nature at the age of five, after being sent to his room a punishment for a variety of mischievous deeds. As he sat wondering what he could do to pass the time, he noticed a box of colored crayons and four empty walls. One can guess what happened next!

At the age of ten, his family moved to Nebraska, and while most of the kids his were helping with farm work, he spent most of his time painting and drawing. In high school Kucera was encouraged by his Art teacher to pursue a career in art, but was this talented individual decided to focus his life on a career in music, and in 1984, Ed graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology Hollywood, California.

Though playing music gave him some fond memories, and some unique traveling experiences, his creative energy eventually led him back to drawing and painting. He enrolled at the Colorado Institute of Art (the now Art Institute of Colorado). There he gained a reputation by winning awards in Illustration Contests and earning a Merit Scholarship, and in June 1991, he graduated with honors, including best Portfolio.

After graduation, Ed came to a crossroad and decided to go into a career in fine art instead the commercial field. His work now adorns the walls of museums, and many collectors internationally and has his work displayed in a US Embassy over seas.

Kucera is a Master Signature member of the Oil Painters of America, and has received an Award of Excellence in 2006 and 2007 at the Oil Painters of America National Exhibition. And Award of Excellence for best Signature Member at the 2008 Western Regional Juried Exhibition. www.kucerafineart.com

Joshua Rose

Joshua Rose

Joshua Rose has a B.A. from the University of Minnesota and an M.A. in the Art and Poetry of William Blake from the University College of North Wales in Bangor, UK. He has been the Editor of American Art Collector since the magazine’s inception in 2005 and is now also the Editor of Western Art Collector and American Fine Art Magazines.

Previously, he taught Literature, Art History and Humanities at the Art Institute of Phoenix and spent the last fifteen years writing for local and national art publications such as Art News and Art Forum.

Rose travels to many events around the country visiting galleries, museums, artist’s studios, collectors and attending art fairs. He has spoken at the Boston International Fine Art Show on collecting realist paintings for the past five years and has spoken at the Cape Cod Museum of Art and the Booth Western Art Museum on the topic of current trends in art.

Lori Woodward

Lori Woodward

Lori Woodward, born 1955, earned a bachelor’s degree in Art Education from the University of Arizona.

Since 1996, Woodward has authored more than 60 articles for American Artist, Watercolor, Workshop, and International Artist Magazines. She has contributed regularly as an aurthor of step-by-step instructional articles, featuring her own paintings, for Watercolor Magazine since 2007. Several of those articles have been featued in recent Hightlights publicatons by American Artist Magazine.

In addition to teaching art marketing workshops at Village Arts of Putney, Woodward most recently gave an art marketing seminar at Scottsdale Artist School, and spoke for the 2012 SmARTist Telesummit, along with a number of key marketing experts. In 2001, she authored the chapter on artists’ websites for Calvin J. Goodman's Art Marketing Handbook for the 21st Century. In addition to writing marketing blogs on her own website, Woodward was the first regular contributor to Clint Watson’s Fine Art Views Art Marketing Newsletter, which currently has over 20,000 subscribers.

Woodward has been a member of the Putney Painters since 2004, a small invitational group of painters who are mentored by Richard Schmid and Nancy Guzik. She has exhibited with a number of commercial galleries in New England and Tucson Arizona; however, in recent years, she has preferred to sell her work directly to collectors. On occassion, she exhibits in brick and mortar gallery shows and events along with The Putney Painters. www.woodwardsimons.com