21ST Annual National Juried
Exhibition of Traditional Oils


The following paintings have been submitted into the show from various Master Signature Members. To learn about becoming an OPA Master Signature member, click here.

“Alley Way, Ronda, Spain” by Kenn Backhaus
Kenn Backhaus
Alley Way, Ronda, Spain
14” x 28”
“Fishing Village on the Xi River, China” by William Chambers
William Chambers
Fishing Village on the Xi River, China
16” x 29”
“Shake” by Nancy S. Crookston
Nancy S. Crookston
18” x 24”
“Of An Evening” by Daniel Gerhartz
Daniel Gerhartz
Of An Evening
36” x 24”
“Percy - 68th St.” by Daniel E. Greene
Daniel E. Greene
Percy - 68th St.
24” x 30”
“CHAMISA” by Albert Handell
Albert Handell
32" x 30"
“Reading” by David Hettinger
David Hettinger
24” x 30”
“Kitchen Atmosphere 3” by Quang Ho
Quang Ho
Kitchen Atmosphere 3
12” x 12”
“After A Canyon Rain” by William Scott Jennings
William Scott Jennings
After A Canyon Rain
24" x 30"
“Fire Glow” by Steven Lang
Steven Lang
Fire Glow
16" x 12"
“The Provision” by Jeff Legg
Jeff Legg
The Provision
30” x 30”
“July 4th in Newport Beach” by Calvin Liang
Calvin Liang
July 4th in Newport Beach
24” x 36”
“In The Forest” by Michael Mao
Michael Mao
In The Forest
22" x 28"
“Mountain Sunset” by Charles Movalli
Charles Movalli
Mountain Sunset
30” x 30”
“Sunday Morning Port Townsend” by Ned Mueller
Ned Mueller
Sunday Morning Port Townsend
10” x 12”
“Musee D’Orsay” by C.W. Mundy
C.W. Mundy
Musee D’Orsay
12” x 9”
“Bull Moose” by Neil Patterson
Neil Patterson
Bull Moose
16" x 20"
“A Cloisonné Vase” by Joyce Pike
Joyce Pike
A Cloisonné Vase
24” x 36”
“Light Tone Color” by Zhiwei Tu
Zhiwei Tu
Light Tone Color
40” x 30”
“Old Timer” by Jeffrey R Watts
Jeffrey R Watts
Old Timer
40” x 30”
“The Dinghy” by Alan Wolton
Alan Wolton
The Dinghy
50" x 60"