22nd Annual National Juried
Exhibition of Traditional Oils

2013 National Exhibition in Fredericksburg, Texas

Juror of Awards & Distinguished Artist

We are pleased to announce and welcome Sherrie McGraw OPAM as our 2013 National Exhibition juror of awards.

Sherrie McGraw OPAM

Sherrie McGraw OPAM
McGraw studied and taught at the Art Students League of New York and has become one of America’s foremost artists and teachers. Sensitivity to the abstract beauty of painting has always been McGraw’s interest.

“A painting is more than the subject matter or the story it might depict. Good painting carries an undercurrent of beauty that expresses something beyond subject matter, beyond the tangible reality. It is this level of seeing that makes a painting a living thing, something that speaks even centuries after the artist is gone.”

Her work has received numerous awards and has shown in major art institutions and museums, including the Butler Institute of American Art, where she will have a solo show in 2013. McGraw lectures and demonstrates for art institutions such as the Portrait Society of America, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Brigham Young University, the Art Students League of New York, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, American Artists Weekend with the Masters and Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia.

Featured Artists and Presenters

Bill Frazier

Bill Frazier

Montana attorney Bill Frazier specializes in art related legal issues representing artists, galleries, collectors and museums. Author of over 350 articles for national art and legal publications, including a regular column in Art of the West Magazine, Mr. Frazier is uniquely positioned to provide attendees with a wealth of knowledge on a number of art related topics. This session will cover the basics of copyright law, trademarks, internet piracy, contract analysis and interpretation, and tips to help protect yourself from internet scams.

Instructor for numerous seminars in art law, copyright and marketing for artists (Alabama, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado, Washington, New Mexico, etc.). Subjects such as copyright, copyright infringement, trademark, laws relating to auctions, consignments, contracts, agency representation, internet publication and internet piracy.

Instructor for numerous seminars in art law, copyright and marketing for artists Subjects such as copyright, copyright infringement, trademark, laws relating to auctions, consignments, contracts, agency representation, internet publication and internet piracy.

Scott Burdick

Scott Burdick

Scott Burdick was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1967 where his mother and father early on encouraged his interest in art. "I spent a lot of time in hospitals as a child and remember my mother showing me how to transform simple shapes like circles, triangles, and squares into objects like planes, helicopters, and fish. It seemed such a magical thing and made spending so much time in casts and on crutches much more bearable."

In high school, Scott began taking life-drawing classes at the American Academy of Art under the legendary Bill Parks. "Though I'd always loved drawing, it was Mr. Parks who filled me with the enthusiasm and discipline necessary to improve my skills. His love of painting and creative expression infected us all." After finishing the Academy, Scott continued his study informally with Richard Schmid at the Palette and Chisel Art Club, where he met his wife, painter Susan Lyon. "It's a wonderful thing being able to paint together all the time and grow as artists together," Scott says.

His ideas for paintings come from everywhere. "What makes a subject attractive to me are the same things that attract us all. The beauty of a young girl, the character of a weathered face, the solitude of a farm at sunset, or even the story itself behind someone or something that makes it interesting." Scott believes it is the job of the artist to recognize this when it happens, analyze why, and use his technical skills to convey the feeling to someone else. He notes that some paintings are as simple as stopping at the sight of something interesting, while others may take more time to research than to actually paint.

Today, Scott and Susan live in a rural area of North Carolina. Surrounded by forests and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, their house is a perfect resting place after the many trips they take throughout the world in search of subject matter to paint.

Scott has self produced online educational videos through his website and DVD's published through Liliedahl publications. www.scottburdick.com

John Michael Carter OPAM

John Michael Carter OPAM

John Michael Carter was born in Chicago, Illinois. He began his first studies in drawing at age 15 with his father E. L. Carter, a commercial artist and illustrator. In 1968 he attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

In 1970 Mr. Carter moved to Los Angeles where he attended the Art Center College of Design. There he studied drawing and painting with Reynolds Brown , Harry Carmean and Lorser Feitleson. He received a background in the major classical schools of painting and graduated with a B.F.A. Degree in 1972.

From 1974 to 1984 Mr. Carter taught painting and drawing at Jefferson Community College, for the University of Kentucky. He also has been a frequent guest instructor at art workshops across the country including the Scottsdale Artist School 1990 & 1991, 1997 thru 2011, the Dallas Arts League and the Cincinnati Arts Club.

Since 1975 he has had 45 one man shows. He has exhibited with Grand Central Gallery in New York; Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma; the Amarillo Art Center, Amarillo, Texas; J. Todd Gallery, Wellesley, Massachusetts; Trailside Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ.; Settlers West Gallery, Tucson, Az., Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, Miller Gallery in Cincinnati ,OH., American Legacy Gallery in Kansas City, Eckert and Ross Fine Art in Indianapolis IN.

Mr. Carter’s portraits include governors, senators and university presidents as well as corporate and civic leaders. His paintings hang in the collections of Phillips Petroleum Corporation; TRW Corporation, Bartlesville, OK; J.B. Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY; the McDonalds Museum in DesPlaines, Illinois; the Patton Museum, Fort Knox, KY; the State Capitol Museum in Frankfort, Kentucky and in many other corporate collections. www.johnmichaelcarter.com

John Cosby

John Cosby

John Cosby, born 1955, in Hollywood, CA. Cosby began painting at a very early age, and credits his grandmother, an oil painter, as his earliest influence. "She would give me the paint, some brushes and a scrap of canvas and set me off to paint." This early experience "took the fear out of creating a painting" for Cosby.

At age 18, he was chosen as a communications advance-man for President Nixon and began to travel the globe, continuing in this capacity through the Ford administration. He met many interesting people and saw incredible things during his travels, but the things that most interested him were the great works of art he encountered. "They just haunted me and helped me to set the course for my career as a painter." After leaving the White House, Cosby rebuilt an old classic Herreshoff sailing sloop and, with a friend who had dreams of becoming a writer, set sail, cruising up and down the Eastern seaboard for 3 years. On that voyage, he began his art career.

About painting, Cosby says, "While standing on location, in a place I have never visited, I begin to recognize what is different from all the other places I have been. I try to capture that uniqueness."

Upon his return to the California, Cosby began painting the sea and landscape of coastal California. With a strong gallery response, his success as a painter quickly followed.

Bold use of color and energetic brush strokes are hallmarks of Cosby’s work. They are also attributes that echo the artist’s personality — easy going and adventuresome. A stylistic economy of means along with superb control of brushstroke grants Cosby the liberty to be expressive while maintaining a basic loyalty to his visual experience.

Cosby is a founding board member of the prestigious "Laguna Plein Air Painters Association", and Signature member of the California Art Club.

With his bold contemporary style Cosby has captured the imagination of some very important collectors. His work can be found in many private, public and corporate collections around the world, and is represented by some of the finest galleries. www.cosbystudio.com

Joe Paquet

Joe Paquet

Joseph Paquet, while pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York, had the good fortune of finding a mentor in John Foote who opened his eyes to the joys of drawing the human figure. After graduating, Joe met another major influence in his life, John Osborne, who was uniquely gifted in producing convincing landscape paintings from memory. Osborne believed a landscape painting should begin on location, but that its poetic essence should be completed in the solitude of the artist’s studio. Paquet experienced a demanding and rewarding apprenticeship, in which he learned to fuse field studies with the image he could see in his mind’s eye. To summarize this experience, he explains, "The intellectual process became married to the intuitive. Paint what you know well as what you see." He goes on to expand the possibilities, "If I have the need or desire to move a mountain, add a figure or change the course of a river, I can do so. I am no longer shackled to nature. Now, I am painting my picture." Paquet teaches and paints at Hurinenko and Paquet Studio in St. Paul, Minnesota.

He has been featured in an October 1995 article in the Washington Post Sunday Magazine, the May 2002 issue of The Artist Magazine, the March 2004 issue of American Artist and the July 2005 issue of Plein Air Magazine. Paquet’s recent awards include both Artists’ Choice and Collectors’ Choice from the 2007 Laguna Beach Plein Air Invitational as well as the 2008 Alden Bryan Memorial Prize from the Salmagundi Club of New York and the First Place in Landscape from the Richeson 75: Artist’s Choice Competition.

Paquet is a Signature Member of the Plein Air Painters of America, The Salmagundi Club and an Out-of-State Artist Member of the California Art Club. www.joepaquet.com

B. Eric Rhoads

B. Eric Rhoads

Eric Rhoads (b 1954) is a career entrepreneur with 30 years of launching companies and media brands, creating start-ups and building businesses including over 40 years experience in the radio broadcasting field and 25 years in the publishing business and 10 years in the art industry. Rhoads serves as Chairman of the Board of Streamline Publishing, Inc., which he founded in 1986. He also serves as a consultant and advisor to companies in media, technology, digital media and art.

Eric gained hands-on experience in all functions of business turnarounds as a serial entrepreneur, building companies in radio broadcasting, radio syndication and programming, promotional products, publishing of magazines, books, videos, websites, media brands and conferences and launching of consumer products.

Rhoads was a pioneer in the online radio space with RadioCentral Networks, Inc. where he led a $18 million venture-funded start up. He was the founder of Equivox Broadcasting, Inc., which acquired radio stations in New Orleans, Salt Lake and Provo, Utah. He was a founder of New World Communications, a radio programming firm and a founding investor of SuperRadio Networks, Inc.

In 1985 he founded Streamline Publishing, Inc., which acquired a floundering radio industry trade publication, which was renamed RADIO INK. It is market leading publication serving the radio industry which has spawned bi-products including books, DVDs/videos, RadioInk.com website and DAILY RADIO HEADLINES e-letter, and five important conferences in the radio broadcasting field: Radio Forecast, an annual event held at the Harvard Club in New York, which involves the owners of most radio companies; Convergence, which is a digital interactive conference for the radio broadcasting industry, The Sports Radio Conference, which is a conference for sports radio broadcasters, and The Radio Hispanic Conference, which serves the booming Hispanic radio sector.

Streamline broadened its interest in the area of digital media with the first publication devoted to that subject called STREAMING and another called DIGITAL MEDIA.

In 2006 Streamline launched its first art magazines and today publishes two titles, multiple websites, eletters and conferences. Fine Art Connoisseur magazine and PleinAir Magazine. The company also published Artist Advocate. Additionally the company produces annual THE PLEIN AIR CONVENTION, which is a gathering of outdoor artists, The Publisher’s Invitational and Paint Russia!, both events for painters, the annual Art Cruise, and the PleinAir Salon, an art competition. It also publishes OUTDOORPAINTER.com, PLEIN AIR Today and Fine Art Today Newsletters. The company also has a video division called Streamline Art Video, which creates "how to" artist videos and released Rhoads’ Art Marketing Boot Camp Video, which has been a best seller for the company.

Rhoads board positions have included the Bayliss Broadcast Foundation, the WAY-FM Media Group and the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Additionally Rhoads does private consulting for tech companies, online radio businesses, radio companies and art dealers. He has been featured on CBS Tomorrow, in the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, Parade Magazine and over 400 newspapers nationwide.

Rhoads is a columnist in Radio Ink, Fine Art Connoisseur, Plein Air, and is an active blogger for Media Biz Bloggers (media), as well as Ink Tank (radio broadcasting), Blue Chip Gallery Marketing (gallery marketing), and Artist Marketing. He is an active lecturer and speaker on the subjects on innovation, radio broadcasting, marketing and art.

In 1995 Rhoads published the book "Blast From the Past: A Pictorial History of Radio’s First 75 Years" which is a photo history of radio broadcasting. Rhoads has also authored "Radio The Forgotten Medium" for the Media Studies Journal. He has been honored by the Broadcasters Foundation and inducted into the "Broadcast Pioneers" along with other awards . Rhoads is also a painter whose artworks appear in two art galleries. He is one of the most painted men in America and has been painted by over 25 of the top Artists in America and Russia including Richard Schmid, Nelson Shanks, Daniel Green, David Leffel, Jeff Legg and many others, which he blogs about in The Portrait Project.

Rhoads resides in Austin, Texas with his wife and triplet children. www.ericrhoads.com

Elizabeth Robbins OPA

Elizabeth Robbins OPA

Elizabeth was raised in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. As a child, her Grandmother's would help her identify various wild flowers at their cabin above Oakley, Utah. This is where her love of flowers began. "I still have the book where I pressed and categorized wild flowers that my paternal Grandmother helped me with." She began painting in her early 20's but soon children became her priority and her love of painting was an occasional hobby. As the children grew, so did her desire to expand on her art.

    Art Associations:
  • Signature Member of "Oil Painters of America"
  • Signature Member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painter's Society
  • Master Member of American Women Artist

Her work is in private collections throughout the United States and in the Ella Dunnegan Museum in Bolivar, MO. www.elizabethrobbinsart.com