2015 Eastern Regional Exhibition

From left to right: Photo courtesy of Lavengood Photography, Drew Endicott Photography, Cliff Ritchey, VisitIndy.com, Kevin Foster, Carl Van Rooy Photography.
Eckert & Ross Fine Art, in Indianapolis, IN from November 6 - December 5, 2015


The following paintings have been submitted into the show from various Master Signature Members. To learn about becoming an OPA Master Signature member, click here.

“Hong Kong Market” by John Michael Carter OPAM
John Michael Carter OPAM
Hong Kong Market
24" x 18"
“Dutchman's Curve Atmospheric” by Charles Cox OPAM
Charles Cox OPAM
Dutchman's Curve Atmospheric
18" x 24"
“Hush-a-Bye Baby” by Nancy Crookston OPAM
Nancy Crookston OPAM
Hush-a-Bye Baby
11" x 14"
“Chamisa” by Albert Handell OPAM
Albert Handell OPAM
32" x 30"
“Southern Shore” by Xiao S. Jiang OPAM
Xiao S. Jiang OPAM
Southern Shore
15" x 12"
“A Little Reflection” by D. Edward Kucera OPAM
D. Edward Kucera OPAM
A Little Reflection
16" x 24"
“Tea with Purple and Orange” by Jeff Legg OPAM
Jeff Legg OPAM
Tea with Purple and Orange
12" x 16"
“Newport Sailboats” by Calvin Liang OPAM
Calvin Liang OPAM
Newport Sailboats
9" x 12"
“Brass Vase with Flowers & Apples” by C. W. Mundy OPAM
C. W. Mundy OPAM
Brass Vase with Flowers & Apples
20" x 16"
“Old Sheds” by Neil Patterson OPAM
Neil Patterson OPAM
Old Sheds
16" x 20"
“Just Roses” by Joyce Pike OPAM
Joyce Pike OPAM
Just Roses
20" x 16"
“Pray for the Journey” by Christopher Zhang OPAM
Christopher Zhang OPAM
Pray for the Journey
30" x 24"