2015 National Exhibition in Bennington, Vermont

24th Annual National Juried
Exhibition of Traditional Oils

Plein Air Competitions Photos

"Washington Oaks Sunlight" by Albin Veselka
"Spanish Dream" by Andrew Lu
"Bridge of Lions" by Antonia Treverton
"Let Me Reflect" by Ashley Addison
"Peeking Thru" by Barbara Yongue
"Above the Line" by Bonnie Rodgers
"Shore" by Booth Malone
"St. Augustine Palms" by Carolyn Lewis
"Matanzas River Plein Air" by Christian Hemme
"St. Augustine Bridge" by Christopher Mooney
"View from Aviles Street" by CJ Lukacsik
"Waiting for Blue" by David Kapszukiewicz
"Momentary Shadows" by Donna Biggee
"Plein Air at the Gardens" by Doreen St. John
"Frond in Shadow" by Eileen McConkey
"Crescent Beach" by Eve Albrecht
"Wanderings" by Glenda Keyes
"Interior Falls" by Albert Handell OPAM
"Auntie Jordan" by David Hettinger OPAM
"Spanish Moss" by Howard Friedland
"Vilano Beach" by Jane Mason
"Michael" by Jane Polkowski
"Browns Memory" by Song Jiang OPAM
"Aviles Street" by John Michael Carter
"Two Palms" by John VanMeter
"Spanish Umbrella" by Kami Mendlik
"Cloudscape Meditation" by Karen Rose
"Back Alley Bougainvillea" by Kim Carlton
"Coquina Rocks" by Kirk Larsen
"That View of Ours" by Kirk Larsen
"Oak of Florida" by Kurt Anderson
"Heartbeat of the Plains" by Steven Lang OPAM
"Hidden Pond" by Louis Escobedo
"The Prince of Wales" by Manon Sander
"Washington Oaks Gardens" by Mario Vargas
"Salt Marsh Color" by Mary Hubley
"Washington Oaks Coquina" by Meghann McGehee
"Morning Light" by Michelle Jung
"Afternoon by the Water" by Nancy Taylor
"Symphony of Oaks" by Patricia Corbett
"Uprooted Tree" by Randy Pitts
"Pulling the Trap" by Robin Weiss
"Mantanzas Flow" by Ron Thomson
"Side Street St. Augustine" by Stuart Fullerton
"Open for Business" by Susan Abma
"Passage" by Susan Blackwood
"Shining Through" by Susan Ploughe
"Passing Through" by Suzie Baker
"1885" by Craig Tennant OPAM
"Washington Oaks State Park" by Teri Tompkins
"Before the Rain" by Wendy Norton
"Smile Man" by Christopher Zhang OPAM