2015 Western Regional Exhibition

2015 Western Exhibition in Steamboad Springs, Colorado


The following paintings have been submitted into the show from various Master Signature Members. To learn about becoming an OPA Master Signature member, click here.

“January Morning” by John Michael Carter OPAM
John Michael Carter OPAM
January Morning
24" x 18"
“Interior Falls” by Albert Handell OPAM
Albert Handell OPAM
Interior Falls
32" x 34"
“Auntie Jordan” by David Hettinger OPAM
David Hettinger OPAM
Auntie Jordan
20" x 24"
“Street Scene” by Doug Higgins OPAM
Doug Higgins OPAM
Street Scene
24" x 20"
“Brown's Memory” by Song Jiang OPAM
Song Jiang OPAM
Brown's Memory
18" x 24"
“Heartbeat of the Plains” by Steven Lang OPAM
Steven Lang OPAM
Heartbeat of the Plains
15" x 30"
“A Voice in the Wilderness” by Jeff Legg OPAM
Jeff Legg OPAM
A Voice in the Wilderness
36" x 18"
“Fishing Boat in Morro Bay” by Calvin Liang OPAM
Calvin Liang OPAM
Fishing Boat in Morro Bay
16" x 20"
“Ready for Rodeo” by Huihan Liu OPAM
Huihan Liu OPAM
Ready for Rodeo
12" x 9"
“Afternoon Shower” by Michael Mao OPAM
Michael Mao OPAM
Afternoon Shower
24" x 18"
“A Touch of Autumn - Bagley Creek” by Ned Mueller OPAM
Ned Mueller OPAM
A Touch of Autumn - Bagley Creek
12" x 16"
“Tea” by Paul Mullally OPAM
Paul Mullally OPAM
14" x 11"
“Daisies, Beer Stein and Pears” by Joyce Pike OPAM
Joyce Pike OPAM
Daisies, Beer Stein and Pears
20" x 16"
“Two's a Crowd” by Craig Tennant OPAM
Craig Tennant OPAM
Two's a Crowd
20" x 30"
“Lady Jane” by William Whitaker OPAM
William Whitaker OPAM
Lady Jane
16" x 12"
“Smile Man” by Christopher Zhang OPAM
Christopher Zhang OPAM
Smile Man
20" x 16"