2018 Eastern Regional Exhibition

Anderson Fine Art Gallery, located in Saint Simons Island, GA, from Nov. 17 - Dec. 16, 2017


The following paintings have been submitted into the show from various Master Signature Members. To learn about becoming an OPA Master Signature member, click here.

“Beach Games” by Daud Akhriev OPAM
Daud Akhriev OPAM
Beach Games
6.6" x 24"
“Spring Magnolias” by Kathy M. Anderson OPAM
Kathy M. Anderson OPAM
Spring Magnolias
30" x 24"
“The Village Edge” by Nikolo Balkanski OPAM
Nikolo Balkanski OPAM
The Village Edge
16" x 20"
“Conversation with the Delivery Man” by James Crandall OPAM
James Crandall OPAM
Conversation with the Delivery Man
25.75" x 16.75"
“Fortune Cookie” by Nancy S. Crookston OPAM
Nancy S. Crookston OPAM
Fortune Cookie
20" x 6"
“Tender Loving Care” by Howard Friedland OPAM
Howard Friedland OPAM
Tender Loving Care
18" x 14"
“Mums and Plums” by David Hettinger OPAM
David Hettinger OPAM
Mums and Plums
24" x 20"
“Early Autumn” by Xiao S. Jiang OPAM
Xiao S. Jiang OPAM
Early Autumn
16" x 20"
“Acadia Maine Afternoon” by Robert Johnson OPAM
Robert Johnson OPAM
Acadia Maine Afternoon
24" x 30"
“Sailing Along” by Calvin Liang OPAM
Calvin Liang OPAM
Sailing Along
12" x 16"
“Shower on a Sunny Afternoon” by Michael Mao OPAM
Michael Mao OPAM
Shower on a Sunny Afternoon
24" x 12"
“Magnolia Books” by Scott B. Royston OPAM
Scott B. Royston OPAM
Magnolia Books
20" x 16"
“Hidden Treasures” by Craig Tennant OPAM
Craig Tennant OPAM
Hidden Treasures
17" x 30"
“Festival” by Jan Peng Wang OPAM
Jan Peng Wang OPAM
9" x 12"
“Stretching” by Christopher Zhang OPAM
Christopher Zhang OPAM
24" x 36"