2019 Western Exhibition in Santa Fe, NM


The following paintings have been submitted into the show from various Master Signature Members. To learn about becoming an OPA Master Signature member, click here.

“Vail” by Nikolo Balkanski OPAM
Nikolo Balkanski OPAM
12" x 24"
“Andalusia” by John Michael Carter OPAM
John Michael Carter OPAM
24" x 12"
“True North” by Nancy Howe OPAM
Nancy Howe OPAM
True North
22" x 36"
“Catch of the Day” by Jeff Legg OPAM
Jeff Legg OPAM
Catch of the Day
18" x 24"
“Malibu” by Ruo Li OPAM
14" x 28"
“Monument Valley” by Calvin Liang OPAM
Calvin Liang OPAM
Monument Valley
24" x 36"
“A Touch of Autumn-Blacktail Plateau-Yellowstone” by Ned Meuller OPAM
Ned Meuller OPAM
A Touch of Autumn-Blacktail Plateau-Yellowstone
“A Touch of Fall” by Scott Royston OPAM
Scott Royston OPAM
A Touch of Fall
9" x 7"
“Julie A.” by William A. Schneider OPAM
William A. Schneider OPAM
Julie A.
20" x 16"