2020 National Exhibition in Saint George, Utah

29th Annual National Juried
Exhibition of Traditional Oils


The following paintings have been submitted into the show from various Master Signature Members. To learn about becoming an OPA Master Signature member, click here.

“Light of Villa Vitalba” by Daud Akhriev OPAM
Daud Akhriev OPAM
Light of Villa Vitalba
19.5" x 24"
“Black Swallowtail and Rhododendron” by Kathy Anderson OPAM
Kathy Anderson OPAM
Black Swallowtail and Rhododendron
18" x 24"
“Sozopol Fishing Boats” by Nikolo Balkanski OPAM
Nikolo Balkanski OPAM
Sozopol Fishing Boats
20" x 30"
“Sierra High” by Cindy Baron OPAM
Cindy Baron OPAM
Sierra High
“Sunlit Cedars” by Roger Dale Brown OPAM
Roger Dale Brown OPAM
Sunlit Cedars
28" x 40"
“Anticipation” by Ken Cadwallader OPAM
Ken Cadwallader OPAM
16" x 12"
“Conversation” by John Michael Carter OPAM
John Michael Carter OPAM
36" x 36"
“Returning Home” by James Crandall OPAM
James Crandall OPAM
Returning Home
36" x 24"
“Chopin's Raindrops” by Nancy S Crookston OPAM
Nancy S Crookston OPAM
Chopin's Raindrops
36" x 24"
“Youth” by Louis Escobedo OPAM
Louis Escobedo OPAM
38" x 27"
“The Allure of Honfleur” by Howard Freidland OPAM
Howard Freidland OPAM
The Allure of Honfleur
24" x 30"
“Percy - 68th Street” by Daniel Greene OPAM
Daniel Greene OPAM
Percy - 68th Street
30" x 24"
“Emerald Falls” by Albert Handell OPAM
Albert Handell OPAM
Emerald Falls
22" x 28"
“Tidal Solitude” by Marc Hanson OPAM
Marc Hanson OPAM
Tidal Solitude
30" x 40"
“Venice” by Xiao Jiang OPAM
Xiao Jiang OPAM
10" x 12"
“Peony Celebration” by Robert Johnson OPAM
Robert Johnson OPAM
Peony Celebration
14" x 24"
“Water for One” by D. Edward Kucera OPAM
D. Edward Kucera OPAM
Water for One
9" x 12"
“The Favored Daughter” by Steven Lang OPAM
Steven Lang OPAM
The Favored Daughter
28" x 22"
“Transitory Repose” by Jeff Legg OPAM
Jeff Legg OPAM
Transitory Repose
24" x 36"
“Life” by Ruo Li OPAM
20" x 28.5"
“Grand Canyon” by Calvin Liang OPAM
Calvin Liang OPAM
Grand Canyon
18" x 24"
“Evening Light On The Houseboat” by Huihan Liu OPAM
Huihan Liu OPAM
Evening Light On The Houseboat
11" x 14"
“Lamusi Mei Nu” by Kevin Macpherson OPAM
Kevin Macpherson OPAM
Lamusi Mei Nu
20" x 16"
“Portrait of Phil” by Ned Mueller OPAM
Ned Mueller OPAM
Portrait of Phil
10" x 12"
“Study in Red” by Neil Patterson OPAM
Neil Patterson OPAM
Study in Red
16" x 20"
“Serenade” by Joyce Pike OPAM
Joyce Pike OPAM
24" x 20"
“Covered” by Scott B Royston OPAM
Scott B Royston OPAM
15" x 12"
“Somber” by William A Schneider OPAM
William A Schneider OPAM
8" x 8"
“Sunset Light” by Michael Situ OPAM
Michael Situ OPAM
Sunset Light
16" x 20"
“Useless Bay Coffee Company” by James Tennison OPAM
James Tennison OPAM
Useless Bay Coffee Company
24" x 36"
“Winding” by Zhiwei Tu OPAM
Zhiwei Tu OPAM
16" x 12"
“Spring Light” by Jan Peng Wang OPAM
Jan Peng Wang OPAM
Spring Light
19" x 21"
“Salt Lamps and Sage” by Jeffrey Watts OPAM
Jeffrey Watts OPAM
Salt Lamps and Sage
40" x 30"
“Kashgar Girl” by Shizhong Yan OPAM
Shizhong Yan OPAM
Kashgar Girl
30" x 24"
“Summer Job” by Christopher Zhang OPAM
Christopher Zhang OPAM
Summer Job
40" x 30"