2020 Virtual Western Regional Exhibition in St. George, Utah

2020 Virtual Western Regional Exhibition


The following paintings have been submitted into the show from various Master Signature Members. To learn about becoming an OPA Master Signature member, click here.

“After the Catch” by Daud Akhriev OPAM
Daud Akhriev OPAM
After the Catch
15" x 18"
“Summer Wildflowers” by Kathy Anderson OPAM
Kathy Anderson OPAM
Summer Wildflowers
10" x 14"
“Sunset Trees” by Nikolo Balkanski OPAM
Nikolo Balkanski OPAM
Sunset Trees
18" x 24"
“A Walk Through the Woods” by Roger Dale Brown OPAM
Roger Dale Brown OPAM
A Walk Through the Woods
30" x 40"
“Summer Reading” by John Michael Carter OPAM
John Michael Carter OPAM
Summer Reading
24" x 18"
“Book and a Secret Nook” by Nancy S. Crookston OPAM
Nancy S. Crookston OPAM
Book and a Secret Nook
36" x 24"
“Snow Melt” by Louis Escobedo OPAM
Louis Escobedo OPAM
Snow Melt
20" x 24"
“Swirling Eddy” by Albert Handell OPAM
Albert Handell OPAM
Swirling Eddy
20" x 24"
“In Motion” by Marc Hanson OPAM
Marc Hanson OPAM
In Motion
30" x 40"
“Sacred and Slow” by Nancy Howe OPAM
Nancy Howe OPAM
Sacred and Slow
20" x 30"
“Eternal Warrior” by Steven Lang OPAM
Steven Lang OPAM
Eternal Warrior
12" x 9"
“The Sacrifice” by Jeff Legg OPAM
Jeff Legg OPAM
The Sacrifice
20" x 16"
“Navajo Life” by Calvin Liang OPAM
Calvin Liang OPAM
Navajo Life
18" x 24"
“Morning Market - Rajisthan, India” by Ned Mueller OPAM
Ned Mueller OPAM
Morning Market - Rajisthan, India
12" x 16"
“California Girl” by William A Schneider OPAM
William A Schneider OPAM
California Girl
12" x 9"
“Afternoon Light” by Michael Situ OPAM
Michael Situ OPAM
Afternoon Light
16" x 20"
“Dreamer” by Craig Tennant OPAM
Craig Tennant OPAM
24" x 36"
“Langley Beach, Driftwood 4” by James Tennison OPAM
James Tennison OPAM
Langley Beach, Driftwood 4
24" x 36"
“Road of Hope” by Jan Peng Wang OPAM
Jan Peng Wang OPAM
Road of Hope
24"x 30"
“Fishman - Evening Light” by Christopher Zhang OPAM
Christopher Zhang OPAM
Fishman - Evening Light
36" x 24"