2017 12th Annual Great Paint Out Photos

Anna - Maria - Island

Welcome breakfast & coffee spread, courtesy of The Sandbar Restaurant
My daughter, Anna, helped to check everybody in and made sure they all received their goodie bags, paint tube samples, and 25% of coupons for The Sandbar Restaurant
Participating Artists (in no particular order) Wendell Graham, Cory Wright, Manon Sander, Susie Covert, Emilie Krueger, Sharon Guy, Shirley Campbell, Heather Arenas, Rosanne Knorr, Johan Bjurman, Jane Keeling, Nancy Casey, Cathleen Larson, Joan Peters, Joe Kanoza, Marie Garafano, Jerri Philips, Michelle Held, Joyce Lazzara, Susan Fox, Patricia Wermuth, Sam Taylor, Tami Sbar, Bill DeMenna, Linda Richichi, Kate Smith, Gail Patelunas, Lisa Swift, Katie Dobson Cundiff, Maura Casorio, and Sandra Suarez
From left to right: Cory Wright (me), Michelle Held, Manon Sander
Many of the artists set up along the beach. The sun played a little game of hide & seek with us, but it never rained!
My painting from the morning on the easel, 11x14 “Silver Lining” oil on canvas panel
Bill DiMenna
Katie Dobson Cundiff
Joe Kanoza
Cathleen Larson
Sam Taylor
Marie Garafano
Everyone set up their paintings on their easels in the Studio at Gulf and Pine Art Gallery at noon for display. Several artists offered to give critiques to those who asked for feedback.
Artists gathered in the Studio at Gulf and Pine Art gallery before we headed to lunch
Joe Kanoza
Michelle Held
Manon Sander
Jane Keeling
Johan Bjurman

North - Carolina