OPA's Annual Great Paint Out
Host FAQ

Please read the information below regarding details on hosting a paint out event.

Frequently Asked Paint Out Questions

What are my basic duties as a paint out Host?

  • Get the word out about your paint out locally
  • Invite friends and associates - nonmembers are welcome to participate
  • Keep a contact list of all those that have replied in case you need to change the event
  • Take photos or ask others with cameras to email .jpg or .gif files to paintouts@oilpaintersofmerica.com.
  • Greet and introduce all participants and make them feel welcome.
  • Place membership applications out for anyone interested in OPA membership.

Once my application is approved, how will artists find out about it?

Hosts invite fellow artists through word of mouth, invitations by email or US mail, local advertising such as newspaper press releases and radio and galleries.

The event will also be communicated via the OPA website under the event section, by e-mail and newsletter.  We will have your state listed as a paint out location so that a member can click on your state and find all the details. We will list your name, email and phone number for members to reach you directly. Please try to respond to messages within 24 hours.


How do I officially apply to host a paint out?

Read the information below and submit the application form.


Click Here for Hosting Information, Requirements and Application Form...