OPA Paint Outs

Plein Air Paint Outs have been a tradition at Oil Painters of American since 2005. Paint Outs have experienced rave reviews from members and nonmembers alike who enjoy the many benefits that paint out participation has to offer.

OPA Paint Outs give our members an opportunity to network and socialize with other artists in a plein air setting. Enjoy the beautiful vistas that our members have selected for you to paint. Paint Outs are an outdoor adventure that you won't want ot miss.

Members through the United States, Canada and Mexico are invited to apply to host a Paint Out event. Applications are taken between March 1 and July 15 annually.

OPA members are invited to host Paint Out events each year. If you are interested in hosting a Paint Out event click here. If you have additional questions, email paintouts@oilpaintersofamerica.com.

OPA 2018 14th Annual Great Paint Out

HainesAKSeptember 01, 2018Donna CatottiDetails
East BoothbayMESeptember 05, 2018Corinne McIntyreDetails
WinnsboroSCSeptember 22, 2018Barbara YongueDetails
BoerneTXSeptember 27, 2018Louis GarciaDetails
Anna MariaFLSeptember 29, 2018Cory WrightDetails
Traverse CityMIOctober 13, 2018Lori FeldpauschDetails
SalisburyNCOctober 13, 2018Phyllis SteimelDetails
St. AugustineFLOctober 20, 2018Martha FergusonDetails
PaoniaCOOctober 20, 2018Cedar KeshetDetails
Emerald IsleNCOctober 20, 2018Irene BaileyDetails
OxfordMSOctober 27, 2018Linda PetersDetails