Collectors’ Corner

Oil Painters of America’s Collector’s Corner has been established to help both the beginning and seasoned art collector. As most collectors will agree, the number one tip for collecting art is to buy what you love. Look for art that stirs your senses and brings you pleasure every time you look at it.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the artists out there today. If you are interested in purchasing an oil painting, there is no better place to start then OPA's membership directory. Search from over 3,400 artists. You can find a specific artist you are interested in or just peruse the site for art that appeals to you. Or, if you want someone locally, search by state.

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Other important tips to consider:

  • Educate yourself in the type of art you are interested in. Read up on the old masters at your library and find out about today's artists by subscribing to relevant art magazines or going on-line.

  • Visit local art museums and sign up for any lectures or tours they might offer
  • Visit art galleries and attend the openings. Openings are a great opportunity to meet the artist in person and to talk to the gallery owners and other collectors. Search here for galleries in your area that carry paintings by OPA members.
  • Visit art fairs in your area, especially ones that are well established and include artists from across the country.
  • Join local or national art organizations that allow non-artist members. This is a great way to find out more about artists from across the country and when their shows will be.

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  • Read the art section in your local paper – hear what the critics are saying
  • Educate yourself on what qualities should be present in a painting to make it truly outstanding.
  • Need an art appraisal? Try one of these sites:

Note: Oil Painters of America does not endorse any sales arrangements between collectors and/or dealers nor does it appraise the value of collections or specific paintings.